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B.O.D. Incubator Eco-Friendly : (Low Temperature Incubator) “ISIC”


Perfect System Double walled inner chamber made of Stainless Steel sheet 304 grade & outer mild steel stoving painted. Specially designed wire mesh shelves made of SS 304 grade. Gap between the walls is filled with puf insulation. Two Air Circulation Fans are provided for uniformity of temp in working space. Refrigeration system with CFS. Free compressor & R 134 a eco-friendly refrigerant is used. Temperature 5ºC to 50ºC with controlling accuracy of + 0.5ºC is controlled with Dual Display PID Micro Processor controller-cum-indicator. Built in automatic voltage stabilizer & inside full view Acrylic Door is also provided. To work on 220/230 volts AC. Traceability calibration certificate of control is also provided.

Capicity                   Litres                Inner chamber size
                                                            W x H x D

4   Cubic Feet            113  lit                455x610x410mm
6   Cubic Feet            173  lit                510x830x410mm
10 Cubic Feet            282  lit                570x870x570mm
12 Cubic Feet            342  lit                650x900x585mm
15 Cubic Feet            421  lit                710x900x660mm

Optional Accessories

  1. Internal Illumination is provided with 3 nos.   fluorescent tubes of 60 c.m. length with 3 on/off  separates switches: But in case  of 4 cubic feet only 300 mm Length Tubes are Provided at an extra cost of …………………
  2. Automatic Cyclic timer 0 to 24 hours regulating illumination cycles for at an extra cost of …….

3)Above said B.O.D Incubator can be fitted with Direct Printer Port Cable with an extra cost of ..